Landmarks of Dekalb County, Alabama


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The Opera House Complex serves as Landmark’s archive housing.

Physical Address: 510 Gault Ave N, Fort Payne, AL 35967

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 680518, Fort Payne, AL 35968-1605

Mission Statement

The mission of the Landmarks Archives is to tell the story of the people and places of DeKalb County, Alabama, by acquiring and/or preserving records and artifacts of historical value and promoting a better understanding of DeKalb County, Alabama.


Acquisitions Statement

All objects donated to or collected by Landmarks of DeKalb County must have a clear and well defined association with the history of the county or with individuals from or representing DeKalb County, Alabama. This would include objects originating within the county and those individuals from DeKalb County who later moved away.


Accessing the Archives

Landmarks of DeKalb County is currently undertaking a complete re-cataloging & relocation of our materials. If you are planning a visit to the archives to conduct research on a particular topic or individual we request that you first submit a Research Inquiry Form to us so that our archivist can pull the relevant materials for your research in advance of your visit.


Donating to the Archives
If you are interested in donating an item or items to Landmarks of DeKalb County, you must first complete and submit a Potential Donor Form. This form will be reviewed by the Board to ensure the item meets the criteria set forth in the Acquisitions Statement. 
I want to take off the Ordering Costs and Photographic Pricing sections. Change the Physical Address to: 514 Gault Avenue North. I will also provide you with a new Opera House photo (working on that). I’m also including two new forms for donations and inquiries.


Types of Materials

Materials to be considererd for archiving might include original documents such as maps, land grant deeds, photos of historic happenings or people instrumental in the development of the county. Artifacts might include works of art or machinery important to the development of industry in the area.