Landmarks of Dekalb County, Alabama

Landmarks of DeKalb County Alabama: WWII Veteran History Form

James Thomas DavisDid you miss the deadline to get a veteran included in the WWII Veterans Book? Landmarks is still archiving this information, saving stories from the past for the future.

Form must be complete and copy of veteran’s discharge attached to be eligible. If the veteran was killed in action, give the unit he was fighting with (Arm, regiment, company, or letter he wrote).

Do not use initials. Give complete names or if only initial, indicate that. This information will be made available to future generations and must be complete.

If the veteran was in the US Navy, supply names of ships served on, theater served in, and battles participated in, plus serial number as this information is often not on the discharge.

We need the name, address and phone number of the person submitting the information.


    Veteran's Complete Name:

    Veteran's Date-of-Birth:

    Veteran's Date-of-Death:

    Burial Location of Veteran:

    Father's Complete Name:

    Mother's Complete Name (include maiden name):

    Spouse's Complete Name (include maiden name of wife):

    Marriage Date:

    Names of Children (include married name of daughters):

    Names of Brothers and Sisters (include married name of daughters):



    Hometown at Beginning of War:

    Hometown at End of War:

    Medals Earned:

    Battles Participated In:

    Serial Number:

    Most Memorable Experiences:



    Names of Ships:

    Theater Served In:



    Submitter's Name:

    Submitter's Phone Number:

    Submitter's Address: